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"Santa...Oh You" Order Form

Does the image above look like 1 of the 4 versions of the video you want to customize?

Which version of the video do you want to customize?

Do you prefer calls or texts?

What would you like to appear on the flag?

What would you like on the thrown snowball?

What would you like to appear on the snowball encasing Santa?

What would you like to see written on the side of Santa's gift bag?

What would you like the camera's flashing autofocus indicator to say?

Would you like to add a photo you own to the freeze frame in the video? (+$10)

Have you confirmed that the spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, language, and options you want to appear in your video are accurately entered on this order form?

Have you read and understood the IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS, NOTICES, AND DISCLAIMERS posted below on this order form page, and do you agree with the terms outlined?

9 + 11 =


Important Instructions, Notices, & Disclaimers

When filling out the above customization & order form:

  1. Please take time to carefully consider what you write in your custom texts but by no means should you agonize over it. Keep it light, have fun, and stop just before sending to re-read what you wrote (just for good measure). Maybe have a friend preview it, too.
  2. As with any holiday card or ad, brevity is key. There is limited space to enter text. Knaak Knaak will do our best to create on-screen balance with your custom texts but we will not edit, abridge, or alter what you wrote. Keep in mind that to fit long texts on a phone screen (where many will view your custom holiday video), may require us to shrink the words so small that they become illegible, but we will shrink texts to keep your words unaltered & intact. We will not add extra lines of text to the videos as doing so requires extensive hours of digital design to ensure each line behaves correctly when displayed. The customizable cards and their design options are all clearly displayed in at least one sample available to you in the Shop, and outlined in the order form above. We can create a one-of-a-kind videos for you, but not at this price point.
  3. We trust that you have reviewed your writing before sending it. Knaak Knaak will not be held liable for uncommon or erroneous spellings, translations, or other variations from “the norm.”  In the modern day, alternative facts, spellings, pronunciations, and other variations are common. We rely on you to confirm, by any means, prior to submitting to us, the accuracy and comprehensibility of what you write. There is a re-render fee of $15 to correct errors submitted by you. Our liability extends only as far as fixing errors attributable to us, which we will do at no charge.
  4. If you need to submit logos, photos or video clips for the holiday video you are customizing, we will reach out via email after receiving your order to arrange for those items to be transmitted to us.
    1. All videos in this promotion are in a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, whether horizontal or vertical. Please ensure your photo and video footage submissions are too. This is especially important for photos which are typically 16:12 or 16:10.67. The only way to ensure your photo backgrounds appear the way you want them to is to crop the photos to a 16:9 ratio prior to submission. Knaak Knaak can crop your photos they way YOU want but that service is not included in the special price of these videos. Please request, as desired, photo cropping in the NOTES section of each order form you fill out. Un-cropped photos submitted without a prior cropping service request will be positioned by us using our best practice to create an aesthetically pleasing visual balance in the final holiday video.
    2. If you are submitting photos or video clips to be added to one or more of the holiday videos, please ensure that you own the license to use it. By submitting any material to Knaak Knaak for inclusion in your project, you certify that you are the copyright owner or have licensed use from the copyright owner for each item submitted. If you are not certain, do not submit it. Federal law prohibits copyright infringement and doing so comes with large penalties. You agree to defend Knaak Knaak against any infringement claims made against us based on materials submitted by you. Pro Tip: If in doubt, leave it out.
    1. Most professional brands have very strict guidelines surrounding their logos. And while we have yet to work any companies too rigid, inflexible, and ridiculous to permit their logos to have the temporary holiday embellishments we are offering, it falls to you to secure permission to do so from the brand’s owner. The same certifications as described above about copyrighted photos, apply here.
  6. LEGALESE: At the bottom of every page on our website you will find links for our company DISCLAIMER, TERMS OF USE, PRIVACY POLICY, and COPYRIGHT POLICY. They comprise Knaak Knaak’s version of what you may have heard people dismissively refer to, often in jest, as, “Sure, I read the iPhone® user’s agreement cover-to-cover.” In truth, like that agreement, everyone who works with Knaak Knaak is instructed to read and understand the entirety of our policies, disclaimers, and terms of use. By taking any action through this website to engage Knaak Knaak in work, you certify that you have read and understood our policies and terms.