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Six Reasons Your Next Couch Should Be A Washable Couch

You know that amazing feeling when you get into a bed with freshly washed sheets? We all need more of that in life, and not just in the bedroom. The washable sofa has entered the chat…

“Just what is a washable sofa?”

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Imagine coming home to a beautifully cleaned couch, smelling like fresh laundry as often as you would like.

Could you imagine it? It’s the little luxuries that make life sweet, and what’s more luxurious than a perpetually clean couch?

While it sounds nice in theory, you might be wondering: just what is a washable sofa?

Unlike one-size-fits-most couch covers you might find at your local big box retailer, the Feathers couch comes with waterproof, stain-proof, 100% removable upholstery. Yes, you can remove, not just the cushion covers but, the entire cover for laundering. And, it’s custom fit to your Feathers chair, sofa, or sectional. No skirting at the bottom like your grandma’s old-timey bedskirt.


So now that you know what a washable sofa is, why would you want one? Well, a washable couch brings practicality to a beautiful space. The days of decorating a living room “for guests” only have slipped away along with great-grandma’s plastic slipcovers.

Interested? Here are six more reasons to upgrade to a washable couch today.


1. You Have Kids

Kids know how to have fun, throwing caution to the wind in the process. Whether it’s toddlers armed with a sippy full of juice, big kids with a flair for art, or a teen with an obsession for greasy snacks, your couch has more targets on it than the back wall of that ax-throwing place you went to for your best friend’s bachelorette party.

Embrace your kid’s joie de vivre and play right along with them. Without the stress of scrubbing or steam cleaning upholstery, you are free to join in on the fun. When it’s time for cleanup, just toss the kids in the bath and the couch covers in the washer and go on enjoying your time with your cute little creatures of chaos.


2. You Know How to Relax

So, it’s the end of a very long day. Red wine is calling your name. You already have your fuzzy socks locked and loaded. But suddenly, visions of merlot colliding with upholstery fill your head. You don’t need that kind of stress in your life.

That’s why you need a washable couch that holds up to whatever you throw at it. A living room is for living, so don’t be afraid to live! Never sacrifice the things that bring you joy for the sake of upkeep with a washable couch.


3. Your Pets Are Family

You have never been the type to deny your fur babies the best seat in the house. What’s the point of having nice things if we can’t share them with the ones we love? Pets bring so much love into our homes. Love, and lots of fur.

We’re all willing to sacrifice for our pets, but with this Feathers washable couch, you don’t have to. Washing these couch covers completely removes the stress of constant cleaning out of the equation. Just throw your covers in the laundry and your couch is good as new!


4. You Live a Wash-n-Wear Lifestyle

Work smarter, not harder. It’s your way of life. No shade. No shame. There are only so many hours in the day, and you want to enjoy as many of them as possible.

You plan ahead to make the most of your time with products that are easy and efficient. A coffee pot on a timer, crockpot meals on the weekdays, listening to audiobooks while you tidy up are great ways to maximize your productivity with super easy setups. Why not add washing the couch while you’re on your daily run? A set it and forget it approach cleaning upholstery simplifies your to-do list while freeing up a ton of time in your day.


5. You Want Your Home to Look Fabulous

No matter how hard we try, our living spaces are always going to look lived-in. Thankfully, with a washable sofa, your couch is one less thing to worry about. There’s even evidence to suggest that we’re happier with a clean home! Here’s the thing, we don’t have to spend hours of our day to have everything looking neat, tidy, and in order. Dust once a week, wash your dishes and throw your washable sofa slipcovers in the washer. Done!


6. You Like to Change Things Up

Washable, removable, interchangeable. Once you remove the covers of a washable sofa, you have options for which slipcovers you want to put back on. This opens up so many possibilities!

You might be the type that decorates for each season. While it’s impractical to buy new furniture four times a year, switching out slipcovers is fast, easy, and just as impactful. If you are planning a move, you want a couch that can grow with you. With swappable slipcovers, you can easily keep the same structure and comfort you love with the ability to match any theme, season, or mood.

True Dish

The Washable Couch is Evolution.

We all have things we take for granted. One day, everyone will assume fabric upholstery is washable. So, be a trendsetter. You are guaranteed to wonder how you ever managed before.

Check out this Feathers sectional that is completely washable, sized for most rooms, and best of all super cute.


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