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4 Important Things to Check Before Buying Furniture

How much do you know about the quality of the sofa you invested your money in? Did you get what you paid for?
Let’s face facts.
There are tons of things you need to consider when you’re buying a piece of furniture. With so many considerations, it’s easy to feel confused, intimidated and frustrated. In the end, we just stick to things that make sense.
Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers and retailers aren’t really honest about their products. There are things that they choose not to tell their customers. As a result, buyers often pay more than the quality they get. To steer clear of overpaying for furniture, you need to have the right knowledge and ask the right questions.
Aesthetics aside, the first thing that consumers should consider is the comfort. Here are the things to look for:

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1. Framing and Cushioning

To check the quality of the frame, feel the thickness of the board on the side of the sofa at the bottom. The standard width should be 1 and ¼ inches. Thinner boards will squeak if people move around it.
When it comes to cushioning, the heavier, the better. This is regarding the relationship between weight and quality.

2. The Tailoring

For printed sofas, the patterns should match both on the sides and front. For high-end pieces, the fabric should wrap the entire piece, including the back skirt. Patterns should start from one segment and continue to the next. There should be a seam in the center of the sofa’s back.

Checking on how well the fabric of the sofa is tailored is equally important. Check if the seams are even and the piping ( tube-shaped edging ) lines up.

3. Quality of Leather

Non-top grain leather pieces could be split and they don’t wear much. They need to be moisturized and be kept away from the sun.

Ask if the leather is top grain. Top grain is the highest quality of leather, and furniture pieces made from this material are really expensive.

4. Manufacturer's Warranty

The warranties on wood furniture typically cover cracking and splitting for one year. As for upholstered furniture, warranties generally include the frames. High-end types of furniture, meanwhile, should have five-year warranties on spring systems and cushions.
Consumers should check if they have a manufacturer’s warranty or retailer’s warranty. If it only shows the original address in tiny print at the bottom of the contract, the warranty will be void if they will move.


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